Due to the way our world is build we tend to limit most (if not all) of our daily movements to moving forward, while getting more and more disconnected from the backside of our body, so that we end up collapsing into our lower back or cranking our neck to get deeper when facing backbends in yoga, leaving us with some kind of fear, tension or even avoiding them at all. 

However, backbends offer an exciting way to move the spine. They are definitely challenging and this workshop-style class will shake you out of your comfort zone. The class is designed to teach you to flow in harmony, synchronizing body, breath, and movement, while releasing tension from the entire body and accessing full spine flexibility. You will learn how to prepare your body for bending backwards with ease and control, as well as how to unlock your spine’s full range of motion. All levels are welcome.

DJ: Seba Kayan


For Sarah yoga is all about connecting with yourself, feeling into your body as well as moving fluently with your breath. While diving out your mind and out your comfort zone you get into a place deep within yourself that needs to be filled with compassion, love and kindness. Thankful for every yogi that joins Sarah in her class, she’s ready to challenge you while at the same time creates a save space to fall, laugh and stand up again.